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Enjoy great oral health with dental check-ups in York

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Brushing and flossing your teeth every day are an important part of maintaining good teeth and gums. But caring for your smile shouldn’t stop there. Routine dental check-ups at Clifton Moor Dental Centre are invaluable if you want to keep problems like gum disease and tooth decay at bay.

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What to expect at your dental check-up at Clifton Moor

Most dental check-ups start with your dentist taking x-rays of your teeth and discussing any concerns you may have about your health. They’ll take a look at the health and condition of  your teeth and gums, before advising you on any treatment that you may require.

We recommend that you visit our York practice for a dental check-up every six months. That way, your dentist can monitor your oral health and spot any potential problems early, while they are easier to treat. Some patients may need to see us for a check-up a little more frequently. This will depend on your overall oral health and your dentist will discuss this with you during your initial appointment.

Alex martyniuk

From the moment I walked it, feeling anxious and apprehensive, I was immediately greeted by a friendly and warm hearted receptionist who dispelled my original emotions and turned them into ones of relaxation. Upon seeing the young and professional dentist who made me feel comfortable and informed, I knew that I had made the right decision to come to this practice. By the end of my treatment my pain had gone and my smile restored. All thanks to the staff of Clifton Moore Dental Centre. I will be coming back here for sure!

Dental fillings in York

Sometimes teeth need a little more care following a routine dental check-up. Your dentist may notice that you need a filling, or further work such as dental crowns or bridges. Your dentist will explain why a treatment is recommended, and what your options are. Alternatively, you may have a concern such as a broken or chipped tooth that requires a restoration.

We are pleased to offer free cosmetic consultations at Clifton Moor Dental Practice to discuss your needs and treatment options – book yours today.

Inlays and onlays

If the damage to a decayed or chipped tooth is too substantial for a filling, particularly on the back teeth, your dentist may recommend an inlay or onlay.

Made from a hard-wearing, tooth-coloured porcelain, a dental inlay is a small filling that fits into the biting surface of a tooth. An onlay covers a larger area of the tooth and is better suited to bigger cavities.

Treating damage and decay with an inlay or an onlay can help to save the remaining, so you can avoid more extensive treatment, such as a dental crown. Our dentists use the power of the CEREC system to provide you with a complete dental inlay or onlay treatment while minimising your time in clinic.

Root canal treatment

Sometimes called endodontic treatment, root canal treatment is a tried and tested way to treat damaged or badly decayed teeth that might otherwise be lost. The process involves gently removing infected pulp or tissue from the tooth. Often this saves patients from suffering a lot of pain, especially if an abscess has formed. Once treated, the tooth is filled or crowned to prevent further infection.

Here at Clifton Moor Dental Centre we’re committed to helping patients experience pain-free dental treatment. So you can rest assured that we’ll take great care to make sure you stay comfortable throughout your treatment.

Help with sensitive teeth

Do you feel a shooting pain in your teeth when eating or drinking something hot? Does the thought of biting into an ice cream or a cold, hard apple make you wince? Don’t let the symptoms of sensitive teeth stop you from enjoying the food and drink that you love.

Sensitive teeth can be caused by dental erosion, or the loss of tooth enamel, the hard outer coating of a tooth that protects the sensitive dentine underneath. If enamel is worn away or eroded, this dentine is exposed, leading to sensitivity that can be worsened with extreme temperatures.

Frequent consumption of food and drink that has a high sugar or acid content can cause erosion, as well as brushing your teeth too hard, tooth grinding and certain medical conditions.

Speak your dentist here in York during your dental check-up and we can create an an individualised care plan, to help protect your tooth enamel and effectively treat tooth sensitivity.


Commonly asked questions about dental check-ups

Are dental x-rays necessary?

X-rays are often necessary at your first check-up at Clifton Moor Dental Centre, to help your dentist fully understand the condition of your dental health. There are many things your dentist cannot detect without the help of x-rays, however they may not be necessary at every routine dental check-up.

I’m scared to visit the dentist. What should I do?

You have come to the right place by visiting our website. We welcome nervous patients, and we have everything you need to feel calm and comfortable in the dental chair.

How long will my dental check-up take?

Unless you have any major concerns to discuss, your initial appointment should take no longer than an hour.

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