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We have unfortunately had to temporarily stop our beauty treatments in line with Government regulations. All existing appointments will be rescheduled.

Cutting-edge dental technology in York

At Clifton Moor Dental Practice we invest in the latest technology to provide our patients with safer, more accurate treatment and a comfortable dental experience.

Modern, safe and accurate dental care

Utilising the latest innovations in digital technology, including microscopes, digital scanning, computer aided design and 3D printing, we can provide you with superior care, delivered with expert precision.

​The use of digital devices and technologies results in an overall more predictable and accurate result, allowing better communication with laboratories and other professionals, diagnosis and treatment planning, patient education, dental treatment procedures and fabrication of dental restorations like crowns, bridges and dentures.

Completely non-invasive scan technology

We are one of only a few UK dental practices using CBCT scanning. Providing high resolution, 3D images of your teeth and bone structure, CBCT scans enable us to provide an accurate analysis of the treatment you require and allow for predictable results. Used when planning for treatments including dental implants and orthodontics, the CBCT scan is comparable to medical CT scans, but uses a much lower radiation dose, putting patient safety first.

A digital impression of your teeth and gums

Digital impressions are a fuss-free and comfortable way of taking pictures of your teeth. Used to plan for bridges and crowns, digital dental impressions offer accuracy and detail.

Delving deeper with digital dental x-rays
Digital x-rays enable us to diagnose and treat problems not yet visible to the naked eye, including early tooth decay, gum disease, abscesses and abnormal growths. State-of-the-art technology has made the process more accurate, safe and comfortable for our patients.

Your dentist uses a small sensor in your mouth to capture an x-ray image of your teeth. This is then available on the computer screen within a couple of minutes. No more waiting around while the images are processed and less time in the dentist chair.

CEREC same-day crowns

Our CEREC 3D CAD-CAM technology enables our dentists to make and fit perfectly matching ceramic crowns in a single visit. No more waiting around with the discomfort and inconvenience of a temporary crown. At Clifton Moor Dental Practice a new crown can be made and fitted within 1.5 hours.

Patient comfort comes first with The Wand

Anaesthetic injections used to be the most uncomfortable part of a dental treatment, but those days are over with The Wand. Helping to put nervous patients at ease, The Wand is an alternative to the traditional dental injection. It is a computerised system that delivers precise local anaesthetic relieving anxiety of a dental needle and minimising the discomfort associated with the effects of extensive numbing.

Traditionally, local anaesthetic numbs the entire side of the face, making it difficult to eat or speak following treatment. The Wand uses a computerised, sensor-controlled probe that numbs only the tooth being treated - so you can drink, eat and smile immediately after treatment.

Removes anxiety around dental injections with no need for a traditional needle

Precision control makes the numbing procedure less painful

Works instantly, so treatment can be completed quickly

Minimises pain, as the injection speed is below patients’ pain threshold

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